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We are one of the largest vertically integrated rice and edible oil complexes in North India. As of now, we are active along the entire value chain, from rice shelling to solvent extraction from crushing to the production of Vanaspati ghee.

Edible Oil Business

In 1976, we set up our operations in Bathinda with a modest oil mill. With the growth, consolidation, and modernization we have now recognized as one of the most popular edible oils units.

Early on, BCL recognised the potential of the industry. Since then, it has expanded into one of India’s largest fully integrated edible oil complexes, with a success story that has coincided with the growth of the edible oil market. The company has been able to increase its expertise in the nation’s edible oil industry thanks to a committed clientele and a combined four decades of experience.Currently with a processing capacity of 1020 MT per day, the company serves a North Indian dealer network of around 300. The Company has oil seed crushing capacity of 200 MT, Solvent Extraction 300 MT, Refining 200 MT, Vanaspati Plant 100 MT and Rice sheller Capacity of 220 MT. Oil Crushing Unit, Solvent Extraction Unit, Refinery, Vanaspati Ghee Manufacturing Unit, and Rice Sheller are all part of the integrated edible oil complex.

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There is a shift toward highly processed meals with high edible oil content as a result of increased urbanization and changing dietary preferences. The demand for edible oil is expected to increase each year because it is an essential component of a person’s diet. Moreover, the government’s efforts to make India’s edible oil sector more self-sufficient by enacting measures to encourage domestic production of edible oil seeds while concurrently raising import duties has boosted demand for indigenous edible oil.

BCL in its growth journey has endured to be well-equipped with multiprocessing capabilities to meet the varying needs and changing tastes of customers. Additionally, it is probable that edible oil consumption would continue to increase significantly considering India’s overall economic growth, growing health consciousness, and expanding retail.

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Mr. Rajinder Mittal, the company's managing director, has guided it to numerous honors. We are proud to share some of them:
  • B.K. Goenka Award 2011-12 for 2nd Highest producer of refined Rice Bran Oil
  • Edible oil B.K. Goenka Award 2008-09 for 2nd Highest producer of refined Rice Bran Oil
  • Edible oil B.K. Goenka Award 2007-08 for 3rd Highest producer of refined Rice Bran Oil
  • Edible oil B.K. Goenka Award 2006-07 for 3rd Highest producer of refined Rice Bran Oil
  • Edible oil For Excellence in the Chosen Field 2007 (By International Business Productivity Forum, New Delhi)
  • Edible oil Great Achievers of Industrial Excellence Award 2006 (Council for Economic Growth & Research, New Delhi)
  • Edible oil Management Excellence Award 2005 MIDI (Management & Industrial Development Institute)
  • Edible oil Hind Gaurav Award 1994 (All India Achievers Conference, New Delhi)
  • Edible oil State Export Award 1993-94 (Department of Industries, Punjab)

Our capacity to translate economic pressures and customer requirements into customer wishes has been the cornerstone of our growth over the past three decades.

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We are also expanding our international footsteps, established through export and import of edible oils since 1992 with M/s R.K. Exports.

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