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Develop A Sense Of Calmness With Mittal Group!

We are leading real estate developer offering premium properties in Bathinda. With a focus on luxury and comfort, we have built a reputation for creating desirable residences. As an outcome, customer’s trust in Mittal Group and our brand has nourished with time. We built spaces that provide luxury life. With this philosophy in mind, we have been building Punjab’s finest and most reliable developments that have become one of the most desirable and well-known residences. From apartments to flats in Bathinda, our portfolio caters to diverse housing needs.
Develop A Sense Of Calmness With Mittal Group!







Mittal Group Business

At Mittal Group, we have developed a high-quality lavish living within your approach. Our pertinent focus is to provide customer satisfaction initially, and we do that just by pursuing ethical practices and making the procedure of selling as well as buying seamless and hassle-free.

Real Estate Business

Mittal Group has recently launched and completed a number of iconic projects that have revolutionized luxury living in the area. These include DD Mittal Towers, Sheesh Mahal, Sushant City 1, and Sushant City 2. These projects are fully developed, and the inventory is available for immediate use. In addition, with our Mittal City Mall, we entered the commercial real estate market. In today’s marketplace, the mall has surpassed all other Malwa Region commercial buildings.

Real Estate Business

Edible Oil Business

In 1976, we established our operations in Bathinda with a basic oil mill. With the expansion and modernization, our unit has been established as an integrated edible oil complex that includes an oil crushing unit, a solvent extraction unit, a refinery, vanaspati and rice shellers and has now become one of the largest fully vertically integrated oil complex in all of North India. With the help of our cutting-edge facility, we can handle solvent extraction from seed to finished product.

Edible Oil Business


In 2011, BCL Industries Ltd successfully commissioned a 100 KLPD state-of-the-art grain based distillery in Bathinda. This was later doubled to 200 KLPD in the year 2016. Since the rollout of the biofuel policy, BCL has been one of the largest suppliers of grain based ethanol in the country.

Keeping the country’s energy requirements in mind and the government’s biofuel blending targets, BCL has commissioned a 200 KLPD distillery in Kharagpur, WB under its subsidiary Svaksha Distillery Ltd in the year 2022.


Clients Testimonial


If you’re looking for property in Bathinda, you’ll be pleased to know that there are plenty of options available, including flats and apartments in Bathinda. Bathinda, located in the state of Punjab, India, is a rapidly developing city with a growing real estate market. Whether you’re searching for a place to call home or considering an investment opportunity, Bathinda has something to offer.

Flats in Bathinda come in various sizes and configurations to cater to different needs and budgets. From compact one-bedroom flats suitable for individuals or couples to spacious three-bedroom flats perfect for families, you can find a wide range of options. Many residential complexes in Bathinda offer amenities such as 24-hour security, parking facilities, and recreational spaces, ensuring a comfortable and convenient living experience.

One of the advantages of buying property in Bathinda is the city’s strategic location. Bathinda is well-connected to major cities in Punjab and other parts of India through an extensive road and rail network. This connectivity makes Bathinda an attractive destination for both residents and investors. Additionally, the city is undergoing rapid development, with infrastructure projects and commercial centers springing up, further enhancing its appeal.

Investing in property in Bathinda can also be a lucrative option. The city’s real estate market has witnessed steady growth, and property values have appreciated over time. With increasing demand for housing and the city’s ongoing development, investing in flats or apartments in Bathinda can provide good returns on investment.

In conclusion, Bathinda offers a range of options for those seeking property, including flats and apartments in Bathinda. With its strategic location, growing infrastructure, and potential for investment, Bathinda presents an attractive opportunity for both homebuyers and investors. Whether you’re looking for a comfortable home or a promising investment, consider exploring the vibrant real estate market in Bathinda.