2 BHK in Bathinda

2 Bhk in Bathinda for sale at best price with all modern amenities

The city of Bathinda, located in the state of Punjab, India, is a rapidly developing urban hub. The city has witnessed a significant growth in real estate in the last few years, with many developers offering a wide range of residential properties. In this article, we will be discussing the 2 BHK in Bathinda, their advantages, location, pricing, and other important factors that homebuyers should consider.

2 Bhk in Bathinda

2 BHK in Bathinda for Sale

Looking for the perfect 2 BHK in Bathinda for Sale ? Explore Mittal Group’s exceptional properties for sale, offering affordable prices, modern amenities, and a convenient central location. These spacious apartments provide a comfortable living space, making them an ideal choice for first-time homebuyers or young families. With Bathinda’s growing real estate market and the investment potential it holds, owning a 2 BHK in Bathinda is a smart choice for a balanced and convenient lifestyle. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to elevate your living experience in Bathinda.

Affordability: 2 BHK are more affordable compared to larger units, making them an ideal option for first-time homebuyers or young families.

Maintenance: Smaller apartments are easier to maintain and require less upkeep, reducing the overall maintenance costs.

Flexibility: 2 BHK in Bathinda offer more flexibility in terms of usage, with the second bedroom serving as a guest room, home office, or storage space.

2 BHK in Bathinda Location and Connectivity

Central location: 2 BHK in Bathinda are usually located in the central part of the city, providing easy access to various amenities such as schools, hospitals, markets, and entertainment centers.

Connectivity: Bathinda is well-connected to major cities in Punjab, with a railway station, bus terminal, and airport. The city is also connected to Delhi and other major cities via national highways.

2 BHK in Bathinda Price

Affordable pricing: 2 BHK in Bathinda are priced between INR 20 lakhs to 50 lakhs, making them an affordable option for middle-class families.

Investment potential: The real estate market in Bathinda is expected to grow in the future, making 2 BHK a good investment option.

Amenities of 2 BHK in Bathinda

The 2 BHK offered by Mittal Group Bathinda come with a range of amenities to enhance your living experience. Some common amenities you can expect are:

Spacious living areas: The 2 bhk are designed to provide ample space for comfortable living.

Modern kitchen: Well-equipped kitchens with modern fittings and fixtures, allowing you to enjoy cooking and meal preparation.

Balcony or terrace: Many 2 bhk feature a balcony or terrace area, providing a private outdoor space to relax and enjoy the views.

Adequate storage: Built-in storage spaces such as wardrobes and cabinets to help you organize your belongings efficiently.

Parking facilities: Dedicated parking spaces or covered parking areas for residents’ convenience and vehicle safety.

24/7 security: Gated communities with round-the-clock security personnel and surveillance systems to ensure the safety of residents.

Power backup: Uninterrupted power supply to prevent inconvenience during power outages.

Recreation facilities: Common areas or community spaces where residents can socialize and engage in recreational activities.

Fitness amenities: Some apartments may offer fitness facilities like a gym or jogging track to promote a healthy lifestyle.

Landscaped gardens: Beautifully landscaped gardens and green spaces within the complex, providing a serene environment.

Discover Unparalleled Luxury: DD Mittal Towers – Offering 2 BHK in Bathinda

DD Mittal Towers Bathinda stands as a beacon of luxury and comfort in the heart of Bathinda. With its thoughtfully designed 2 BHK in Bathinda and a prime location on Multania Road, this residential development offers an exceptional living experience. The project boasts spacious units with abundant natural light, wide balconies offering scenic views, and high-end fixtures and flooring.

Additionally, the extensive green area and a host of amenities, including a planted garden and a kids’ play zone, create a perfect blend of modernity and tranquility. The strategic proximity to key landmarks such as Model Town, Civil Hospital, and AIIMS further adds to the allure of DD Mittal Towers. Whether you seek a comfortable abode or a wise investment, these apartments cater to your needs. Discover the epitome of luxury living with DD Mittal Towers and elevate your lifestyle in Bathinda.

2 BHK in Bathinda for Sale

DD Mittal Towers Map

Location Address: Main Multania Rd, Parasram Nagar, Bathinda, Punjab 151001, India

2 BHK in Bathinda


2 BHK in Bathinda offer a good balance of affordability, flexibility, and convenience. With the city’s growing real estate market and affordable pricing, they are an ideal option for homebuyers looking to invest in a property that offers a good return on investment.


What is the average price of a 2 BHK in Bathinda?

The average price of a 2 BHK in Bathinda is between INR 20 lakhs to 50 lakhs.

What amenities are usually offered in 2 BHK in Bathinda?

Amenities such as a gym, swimming pool, and clubhouse are commonly offered in 2 BHK in Bathinda.

Is it important to choose a builder with a good reputation while buying a 2 BHK in Bathinda?

Yes, it is important to choose a builder with a good reputation and track record of delivering quality projects.

What factors should homebuyers consider while buying a 2 BHK in Bathinda?

Homebuyers should consider factors such as builder reputation, amenities, and legal compliance while buying a 2 BHK in Bathinda.

Are 2 BHK in Bathinda a good investment option?

Yes, with the city’s growing real estate market and affordable pricing, 2 BHK in Bathinda are a good investment option.


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